Q&A with Daniel Basques of BabyFace Boxing!


by Mario Cabrera Jr

Let’s go right back to the beginning, what or who originally inspired you to enter the ring?…My son Tyler inspired me to get in the ring. I had the number to Babyface Boxing gym in Pacifica a year before i walked in the door. When my son came to visit he kept on me, dad let’s go check it out. Well i finally did, six years later here I am finally going to have my second fight.

So at what age did you start boxing and what role does it play in your life?…I was 35yrs old, i was on drugs and overweight. Boxing now plays a big role in my life. I’m at 194 as of today and off drugs. Boxing is helping me stay clean, it took a special person that was in my life that got me clean. I wish her all the best and i will never forget what she did for me.

What is it about stepping in the ring that you like so much?…The rush, the crowd, the fight!

What does a typical day of training look like for you leading up to a fight?…Well the days im solo i have my own routine that i have learned from other fighters like Keyno Fenner which has played a big part of when i started. More recent Blanca and Charlie and Coach Ed have added parts to my routine. It works, its good work. Most people are younger then me and they try to keep up with me. I’m 42! Best shape of my life!

a lot of attention is paid to finding a sparring partners that emulates their next opponent. Is this a luxury you have or are you limited due to the number of boxers?…Sparring is really only limited because i work 7 days a week and sometimes twice a day. When i do spar they are usually bout half my age and taller. A lot of young talented fighters. My go to sparring partner , mentor and friend that i consider FAMILY is THE FEMALE WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MARTHA SALAZAR! I have learned so much from her and everytime she is around i soak up game!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the ring?…Well i’m 42yrs old, father of two son’s Tyler and Russel, grand father of two beautiful lil grand daughters, Jenevieve and Audrey. I have younger brother Simon and younger sister Jeannie, nieces Sienna and Presley and nephew Bubba which i call Smith! My parent’s are Dan and Denice whom which just celebrated 44yrs of marriage on Oct. 9. I’m blessed to have a great family.

What motivates you to work and train hard every day?…Just the fact that i want to fight and see how far i can get before my time is truly up. Like Bernard Hopkins still doing it at age 50!

Who were your biggest role models growing up?…My Dad who is a two tour Vietnam Vet, who raised a his family and has been married for 44yrs …and they are still in love. He worked everyday with no excuses!

What songs are on your pre-fight playlist?…three days grace, five finger death punch, drake…mix it up

We all know you’re a beast in the ring. Tell us about the soft side of Yourself …WOW softside of me…LOL thats for girlfriend Suzanne to see..,LOL But if you know me you know my soft side.

Do you remember your very first fight? Tell us a little about it…My first fight was GREAT, didn’t get the win but when you leave it close and your in their gym , it always goes to the home fighter. The best was the sound of the crowd, your name being yelled and the adrenaline rush u feel! More then that was being lead out but Martha Salazar the WBC Heavyweight Female Champion and rest of Babyface Boxing Family!

What city and gym do you train out of?…Babyface Boxing in Pacifica, Ca with the Queen herself Blanca Gutierrez!

What weight class do you fight at?…Started as super heavy and now down to light heavyweight.

Do you have a favorite boxer that inspired you to fight?…Bernard Hopkins and Mike Tyson.

How much training do you need before a fight?…As much as i can get…actually i train to always be ready…you never know when you will get that call!

How did you prepare for your up and coming fight? … same as i always do…Hard!

Who was your tuffest opponent you fought to date?…My first fight, the first is always the toughest and roughest…its all new to you!

Is there anyone you would like to fight in the future?…Anyone i can, but theres one i have my eye on BOBBY SANCHEZ! He knows, its gonna happen!

Do you have any pre-fight rituals?…None really except act like i have been there before…keep calm & relax.

What is your greatest accomplishment outside of the ring?…My kids and staying clean!




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