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Who is the Best Female Boxer Alive?

Regina Halmich

Who is the Best Female Boxer Alive?

by Douglas Peterson

The debate continues to rage within boxing circles about who is the greatest female boxer of all time. While this question is not much different than the one that is asked of their male counterparts, the answer to the question about greatest woman boxer alive may come down to a handful of ladies that were dominant in their own time. For the purposes of this conversation, MMA stars like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm will not be included. While their stand-up game may be on point, this conversation will focus on traditional female boxers.

The top boxer that is currently alive is Regina Halmich. This powerhouse female boxer was born in Germany in 1976, and she was able to compile an amazing record of 54-1-1 during her 13 year professional career. She was one of the pioneers of women’s boxing in all of Europe, and she was feared by opponents because of her lightning quick jab and amazing reach. Ms. Halmich was also extremely successful outside the ring with some of the largest professional sponsorship dollars ever seen in the women’s game.

After transitioning from kickboxing in 1992, she went on to have a remarkable run at the top of the boxing world. She stormed the national scene by becoming Germany’s national champion in 1993 as an amateur. Before turning pro, Halmich took the time to master the finer points of boxing. Her combination of striking ability and defense made it difficult for opponents to land clean shots on her. Getting eight million people to tune into one of her matches was just par for the course for this boxer who was the perfect combination of brawn and beauty. Her flowing blond hair and porcelain skin were just part of the equation that led to her being one of the most polarizing boxers of all time. She may not be as popular and well-known as her male counterparts, but she definitely deserves the same respect as them.

Her ability to fight in several different divisions also allowed her to keep beating women who were much younger than her during the later stages of her career. Halmich fought in the Junior Flyweight, Flyweight, and Super Flyweight divisions at various points of her career. At the peak of her career, she was fighting three to five championship-level bouts per year. Her technical abilities combined with her aggressive style proved to be too much for most women to handle.

Halmich was a national celebrity in Germany who was respected for the success that she enjoyed in the ring over a decade long career at the highest level. Some of her top wins came over women who were taller than her. Halmich knocked off Viktoria Milo, Ria Ramnarine, and Wendy Rodriguez along the way to claim the title of greatest female boxer of all time. She her the opportunity on several occasions to fight in the United States as a professional boxer, but she actually never fought outside of her native land. While the reasons for this are not necessarily known, it is interesting to wonder what she could have done in other boxing venues.

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