Melissa “Mighty” Mcmorrow vs. Ibeth ‘La Roca’ Zamora this Saturday May 26th in Mexico!

On Saturday, May 26th at Teatro Moliere, Mexico City Mighty Melissa McMorrow 10-6-3 will make an exciting comeback to the ring after a 2  years of inactivity.  In her usual style, Mighty doesn’t have tune up fight on the way back and does not pad her record with easy wins. The fact is Mighty  never takes an easy fight and her record proves it.  At 10-6-3 Mighty has taken on all the top Flyweights in the world in their backyards.  In 2015 she beat Kenia Enriquez  for the WBO Flyweight World title and in 2013 she defended her   WIBF World Flyweight title against Nadia Raoui. In 2012 she won the WIBF flyweight title against Sui Kentikian in Germany.


Mighty Melissa McMorrow has fought all the top Flyweights in Mexico with some losses being controversial.

Ibeth Zamora last fight was 10-21-2017 where she won a 10 round UD to Isabel Millan.  Ibeth Roca Zamora  is one of the best boxers in Mexico and Mighty Melissa McMorrow is arguably the best flyweight in USA.


For Mighty this has been an exceptional camp and she is looking forward to the biggest fight of her career.